Dr Timm Dobert – Wings of Survival 2024-2025

‘Wings of Survival’ marks the first expedition under the banner of the Flyway Heroes initiative. In June 2024, Timm and his expedition partner Leanna Carriere will begin their cycling and pack rafting expedition from Alaska to Patagonia: 30,000km across 15 countries and 12 biomes, along the Pacific Americas migratory bird flyway. Their goal is to help broad audiences, with diverse interests, to rediscover their emotional connection to nature.

Wings of Survival


Only by connecting our human with the avian experience will people fully comprehend the extraordinary journeys, and conditions, of migratory birds and why we all should care about keeping animal migrations alive. They will harness the power of storytelling, engaging both on-the-ground and virtual audiences through community events, educational activities, traditional and social media, and a professional documentary.


Timm Dobert 

Timm and Leanna would be delighted if SES members, fellow explorers, cyclists, bird enthusiasts, and anyone else inspired by their adventure reached out to explore ways of teaming up, such as cycling with them for a stretch of their journey.


EXPEDITION DATES: 1 June 2024 to 31 May 2025

EXPEDITION LOCATION: Alaska to Patagonia (Pacific Americas Flyway)


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