Rosa Vásquez Espinoza – The Hidden World of Amazonian Stingless Bees 2023-2025

Stingless bees are vital to the Amazon Rainforest's ecology, culture, and medicine, yet their conservation status remains unknown due to limited research on their abundance and biodiversity. This lack of awareness poses a threat to their survival, impacting the Amazon's biodiversity and indigenous knowledge.


Dr Rosa Vasquez Espinoza is a Peruvian chemical biologist with extensive experience in the Amazon. She leads a diverse team of indigenous leaders, scientists, conservationists, and artists, aiming for an interdisciplinary approach to exploration. Their mission is to protect these bees by mapping their distribution, gathering ethnoecological insights, analysing the chemistry of their medicinal honey, and enhancing conservation through education, community engagement, and collaborations with local authorities.


Rosa's Boats

Rosa invites any expert who may have a strong interest in contributing to the world of Amazonian Stingless Bees and protecting the Amazon to get in touch.


Please CLICK HERE to find out more about the project, and CLICK HERE to find out more about Rosa.


PROJECT DATES: 1 September 2023 to 1 September 2025



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