Dixie Dansercoer – 2021 Greenland Expedition

Expedition Leader Dixie Dansercoer and his two team members will use (renewable) wind power/energy to travel from Narsarsuaq in the South to Quaanaaq (Thule) in North Greenland. They will use snow kites to harness the wind and will travel jointly and maximise their chances to complete this traverse in under 30 days. Along the way, they will pay a visit to the abandoned Dye 2 station, which is a relic of the Cold War and served as a spying station by the US to intercept any intention of warfare from the East. They plan to complete the expedition unsupported ie not needing any help or re-supplies. Dixie aims to provide an extensive learning platform for his team members so that they can become proficient experts in all survival skills in an extreme habitat as well as teachings to 'leave no trace'.


Dixie Dansercoer 2 small


 The scientific research aspect of the expedition is to collect snow samples that will be used to study the variability of ions deposited with and on the snow. Such ions are normally used to infer information about past climate when analysed in ice cores. For example, Sodium and Chloride ions are indicators of past ocean activity and sea ice, and Ammonium is related to biomass burning and forest fires. With additional surface samples taken from larger areas at different altitudes, the team hopes to be able to better understand and document past seasonal patterns and climates. You can find out more on Ice and Climate.


The team will be using the Polar Experience website as the main communication platform (with a daily blog written by Julie Brown) and via social media (Vimeo and Instagram). They will also talk to local organisations and give presentations to schools, and the University of Copenhagen will communicate the findings of the collection of snow samples.


Expedition Dates: 18 April 2021 to 23 May 2021


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