Alex Scoffield – ENIGMA: Examining the physical conditions of a high-elevation Himalayan glacial lake 2023

Glaciers in the Himalaya contribute freshwater to millions of individuals. Future scenarios of these water resources are uncertain given a lack of empirical data to drive projections of glacier evolution. In particular, the influence of ice-contact glacial lakes, which can alter glacier flow and lead to greater melt rates, are poorly represented in numerical models. This expedition will instrument a high-elevation glacial lake in Nepal (Thulagi lake, 4,055 m asl) with temperature and suspended sediment sensors to collect the empirical data required to incorporate glacier-lake interaction into future projections of glacier change. The team of researchers will return six months later, providing the longest record of contemporary glacial lake physical conditions in the Himalaya.

 Thulagi Ice Distal by Dan Jantzen & Scott Watson

(Photo: Thulagi Lake by Dan Jantzen and Scott Watson)

 Alex Scoffield in the field


EXPEDITION DATES: 6 May 2023 to 27 May 2023



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