Zenith Explorer - BERTIE GREGORY a Freelance wildlife photographer and film maker, Bertie headed to the West Coast of Vancouver Island in August 2015 to track down and film a pack of wild coastal wolves for 3 months during the breeding season. The wolves have never before been followed in such close proximity or for such a prolonged time, therefore he hopes to reveal their unique life story, and share his findings through a documentary and multimedia outlets.

Neville Shulman Explorer - GIULIA GRIMALDI with Russian team-mate Barbora Vigorska headed to the remote and little studied Commander Islands off the Far Eastern coast of Russia. Passionate conservationists and divers, they carried out marine surveys contributing to the Institute of Marine Biology at the Russian Academy of Sciences research into the state of the ecosystems, and to the ASC Marine Microplastics Project. They will produce a film focussing on the impact of human activity in remote areas, thus highlighting the importance of natural heritage of remote locations and the exploration thereof.

Rivers Foundation Explorer - JOHN MITCHELL and colleagues from Aberdeen University headed to Guyana to study the effects of westernisation on the indigenous Amerindian population. Many studies have shown an increased risk of non-communicable disease within indigenous communities who are exposed to a western diet and lifestyle, so the aim is to see if this trend can be seen in Guyana. Two study groups were set up, one in urban locations where westernisation will have impacted, one in the interior where it has not. Physiological health risk factors, local attitudes to health care and body image perceptions in women will be assessed.

SES Inspiration Explorer - UNMESH KATWATE is a fish biologist based at the Bombay Natural History Society and has already discovered 2 new species of fish during his short career. In 2015, he headed up to the un-explored freshwater ecosystems of the rainforests of the Great Nicobar Archipelago in the Andaman Sea where he generated the first island fish diversity record, and by including indigenous tribal communities, hopes to develop stewardship and future conservation of species found.

Cadogan Tate Explorer - JAMES BORRELL is a passionate conservation biologist who began his expedition career at the age of 17, he led an expedition to the mountainous Avatra Dilana Marolambo region of Madagascar to study habitat fragmentation particularly the ‘forest edge’ habitat to assess the minimum fragment size which can support a healthy species, and provide research to assist conservation practitioners manage and prioritise the surviving rainforest in Madagascar.