Announcing the SES 2018 Virgin London Marathon Team

We would like to thank our marathon runners, Sophie Sennett, Hannah Walton, Katherina Telford, Anne Lotter, Sam Browne, Alex Rose, Helena Conlin and Olympic Gold Medal winner Constantine Louloudis (Rio 2016 for rowing in the men's four) who will be joining thousands of runners and spectators on the streets of London on Sunday 22 April 2018 to run the 26.2 miles (42km) of the 2018 Virgin London Marathon.

We are full of admiration and pride for the amazing efforts our runners are making on the behalf of the SES, both on and off their local urban streets, parks, country roads and footpaths.

As you know, the SES is the oldest active exploration society in the world and it concentrates on scientific projects, delivering aid and helping others to do likewise through the SES Explorer Awards. The SES works out of a converted garage in Dorset. It is a very low overhead organisation, and all funds are spent wisely. For example, when giving aid to remote overseas communities in need, the aid is delivered in person, it is all accounted for and photos are taken so you can see for yourself how your sponsorship has been used.

If you would like to sponsor the SES Marathon Team, please do so via our Virgin Money Giving page.

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