The SES Team at Expedition Base decided that they ought to try something different in the way of fundraising. So last night (Saturday 27th April), they put on a Quiz Night at the Memorial Hall in Motcombe, which included a Ploughman’s Supper, with bar and raffle.

SES's Finance Manager Gail Lloyd set the Quiz, and the questions covered various categories - geography was based loosely on the countries that the Society has visited, the answers for animals were all species that had been encountered on SES expeditions. Also included was a category on artefacts that those taking part needed to guess what they were. Some of the items were SES Team's personal bits and pieces, but some were also from Colonel John Blashford-Snell's stores. The item that caused the most hilarity (and the most ludicrous answers!), was actually a presentation gift to John from Papua New Guinea. It looks like a drinking horn on a piece of string – but is actually a penis sheath! John spoke at the end of the evening, thanking everyone for their support and participation and he also told a very amusing story about how he came to be presented with it ... it’s probably best that we leave this to the reader’s imagination!

Monies raised will go to SES and huge thanks, in particular, to Dave Smith (SES Honorary Logistics Officer) and also to the SES Team at Expedition Base - Gail Lloyd, Vicky Hankinson (and husband Piers), Val Smith, Jenny Rose (and husband John), Sheila, Anne, Roz and, of course, John and Judith Blashford-Snell.

Everyone is already looking forward to next year's SEs Quiz Night!