The Scientific Exploration Society is a UK-based charity (No 267410) founded in 1969 by Colonel John Blashford-Snell OBE and his colleagues. As a non-profit making organisation, SES supports a worldwide programme of scientific expeditions focusing on scientific, conservation, education and community aid projects.

Today, SES focuses on delivering outstanding events and experiences to its membership, plus inspiring and supporting - through the SES Explorer Awards - the next generation of ground breaking 'Pioneers with Purpose'.


'Pioneers with Purpose' continues through the SES Explorer Awards.

By supporting the next generation of explorers who are working at the frontline of exploration, and benefiting local communities in the process, SES seeks rising stars who could become major players in the next generation. These explorers should be willing to take on risks in a sensible way and share the values of leadership, integrity, curiosity and sheer grit found in true exploration pioneers like SES Founder Colonel John Blashford-Snell.

Over the next decade, SES aims to create the equivalent of the ‘Oscars of Exploration’; an opportunity to showcase the finest feats of contemporary explorers alongside a new generation who can be inspired by them. SES believes the values expressed through the best kind of leadership, exposing integrity, understanding risk, pursuing scientific excellence and endeavour, are all values that the world urgently needs today to navigate the different choices facing humanity.


Photo shows Andrew Mitchell hosting a Q&A with the SES Explorer Award recipients. Photograph courtesy of Mark Nox Photography. www.marknox.com

From left to right: John Mitchell, SES Rivers Foundation Explorer 2015, Giulia Grimaldi, SES Neville Shulman Film Award winner 2015, Aida Cuni Sanchez, SES Neville Shulman Award winner 2016, Stephen Spencer, SES Rivers Foundation Explorer 2016, James Borrell, SES Cadogan Tate Explorer 2015.

Click here to see the 'Pioneers with Purpose' who have received SES Explorer Awards http://www.ses-explore.org/news_detail.php?article=17.

'Pioneers with Purpose' is supported by some of the GREAT NAMES of CONTEMPORARY EXPLORATION  HAB Quotes.pdf (257 KB)


Join us for our flagship event of the year, a celebration of Exploration and Leadership, as the 'Pioneers with Purpose' are awarded their SES Explorer Awards. Guest of Honour SES Honorary Vice-President Neil Laughton will be at this event, which is held at the Royal College of Surgeons (London) on 11 May 2017. Full details: www.ses-explore.org/awards

SES Awards Save the Date


Pen Hadow - do join us at 6.30pm on Wednesday 29 March at the Park Tower Hotel (Knightsbridge) to hear one of the leading explorers of our time talk about his passion to protect Arctic Waters. More details www.ses-explore.org/news_detail.php?article=372

Ploughmans Lunch with John Blashford-Snell - followed by a talk on the "History of the SES - the best bits" at 12.45pm on Sunday 23 April 2017. More details www.ses-explore.org/news_detail.php?article=384

See our events page for further details http://www.ses-explore.org/news


Congratulations to SES Honorary Advisory Board member Levison Wood on completing 'Walk The Americas'. Try and catch Levison on his UK theatre tour: www.levisonwood.com/speaking

Levison Wood

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