Rosie Stancer's – The Taklamakan Anglo-Chinese Expedition

Expedition Training

The Taklamakan Anglo-Chinese Expedition, which takes place from 18th September to 30th November 2018, will consist of an anglo-chinese team - a desert party of 9 and a support team following on the southern silk route, also of Chinese and British, to provide water resupplies at strategic points. Some 20 bactrian camels will bear the loads of grain and water. It will take an estimated 10/11 weeks to cover the 1,000km. The desert is the world’s 2nd largest dune desert. Uninhabited, it has a climate of dramatic temperature swings from daytime highs of 30cs+ and night time of -20c and lower. Ferocious sandstorms. Uninhabited, even by nomads, this barren desert has a history littered with disappearances of those ventured into its interior over the centuries. It will be the first female-led expedition to cross the length of the Taklamakan desert through its interior and only the 2nd in its entire history.

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