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John Blashford-Snell's Kenya Quest 2018 expedition held its traditional Burns Supper with Stahly’s delicious Haggis brought in from Scotland, during which one of the expedition team members, Catherine Lawrence (C.L.O. (Chief Laughter Officer), Survival of the Funniest), delivered a peom:



From Norway and Canada and Angleterre

Amazonas region knew to beware


A motley crew of sixteen

Made up our terrific Colombia team


Call for help? Hard to go wrong

A majority of our group was named “John”


We’re all so glad that we said YES

On the chance for this expedition with JBS


Our gift to Ticunas was big, white and can float

Presenting the CLP ambulance boat


For our dentists one of the main attractions

Was a heated competition in the number of extractions


Giving out schoolbooks and reading glasses

Playing football and fun English classes


Our nightly briefings, timetable tight

Always concluded with “ Dancing all Night “


In each community we pray

Please!! no more Mother’s Day!!


All snug in our hammocks cozy and tight

Then barking dogs kept us up all night


We had delicious dinners of chicken and rice

Another hot day in paradise


Yoli looking great, always classy and dressy

In contrast with Simon and his spaces so messy


John A sure has what it takes

When it comes to handling Peruvian snakes 


The filming was stellar thanks to the crew

Led by our Adriaan with help from Maya too!


Jungle Jackie and Yasmin part of the medical team

from the clinic we heard the odd piercing scream


Young Hugh with his Cheetos with cheese

Daily reporting on the barometer Chinese


Morton musk, what could be sweeter?

Reports on the shamans by resident expert Peter


Young Ticuna girls beware

You come of age and dad pulls out your hair


The jungle trekkers couldn’t have asked for more

When Simon flipped onto the jungle floor


Coverd in bugs, mud up to the wellies

Sweat pouring down and clothes oh so smelly


Deep in the jungle, Anna wondered why

The handsome leech had chosen her thigh


Oh yes, this crew did survive and thrive

In addition to getting nearly bitten alive


Alistair’s traps. Let’s see what he gets

Well at least he’s successful with butterfly nets


Sharing with selfies, photos for Tinder

Dear diary, It’s me, Varinder


We had hot humid weather, had to guard against thieves

Loved daily bird reports from John McKenzie Grieves


Sergio, Victor and Hector joined our ranks

To them and to Esther, we give our great thanks


Birds and butterflies was what we were after

But most of all, there was peace, love and laughter.


(Though the single greatest discovery

Was in Puerto Narino ...ladies found pots to go wee)