It is wonderful to be able to share such positive news in these times of adversity and let you know that, despite the postponement of the Society's Founder and Honorary President Colonel John Blashford-Snell CBE Bolivian Quest 2020 expedition to later in the year as a result of Coronavirus Covid-19, progress is still being made at Tres Hermanos. John received an update this morning from his local representative Adelita on her visit to Tres Hermanos to give out some medicines. You can see from the photos that the water track is in, along with the water tower and new tank AND the completed school (delivery of school furniture expected soon). In November/December, John and his expedition team will inspect the work and take in a supply of school books at that time.

JBS Bolivia Quest 2020 update 0320 2JBS Bolivia Quest 2020 update 0320 1

JBS Bolivia Quest 2020 update 0320 3