Thank you so much to Team SES - Alice Lane, Stephanie Edmunds, Fran Scott, Toosie Falconer Hall and Bradley Heydrenrych for taking on such an arduous task and completing the London Marathon to raise funds for SES. We thank you all so much for supporting SES in such a challenging way and are delighted to share your experience of the gruelling run!

Fran Scott
Arrrrrrrrgggghhhhh! I did it! As it was my first marathon, I had zero idea what to expect. I've only ever done one running event before, and that was in March! But yesterday was just awesome. At first, I managed to stick to my race plan but, as it turned out, my race plan was a bit optimistic! The speed you can run for 25km is not the speed you can run for 42km. Though having never run 42km, I had no idea. My thighs decided they were done at 25km, and somewhat seized-up, but I dug deep and raced against the clock to get my target of under five hours, just! I came over the line at 4:53:03. I'm tempted to run next year ... once I can walk again!

Alice Lane
Well, what an amazing day. I had never completed the London Marathon before and it was a surreal experience. I never realised the crowds were that noisy, numerous, supportive and generous. I had to stop eating the free jelly babies after the half way point for fear of making myself ill! The last 20km were much slower than I had hoped but happy to get round in just under four and a half hours. I did see SES Team member Stephanie Edmunds passing me early on in the race and had a quick chat with her ... it was so nice to meet a fellow SES supporter in the sea of more well-known charity vests. Well done everyone, I thought that this would definitely be a one off ... but maybe not!

Stephanie Edmunds
It was so lovely to see SES Team member Alice Lane right at the start and a real boost in the midst of all the other runners and their chosen charities, as well as the huge crowds of people. I was really pleased to manage to complete the race in 3:55:53, under my four hour target. I really struggled from mile 21 too, it was just a really hard slog - definitely one of the hardest things I have done. I'm not sure about doing it next year, I need to rest my joints, but never say never!

Toosie Falconer Hall
I had such a brilliant time! I started with one aim, to finish! My training had to fit around two deployments, one to jungle, one to snow, which wasn’t the easiest to manage. Then halfway round I realised I was on track for a four and a half hour finish, which I couldn’t believe! I kept happily plodding and it slipped away after mile 23, I finished in just over 4 hours 40 minutes, which I am so so happy with! I can’t get over what our bodies are capable of. Unfortunately for my husband I’ve caught the bug, and am already planning my next marathon outings for this year and next. Hoping with proper training next time and some more self-belief I’ll get a sub 4 too!