Exploration Revealed is Scientific Exploration Society's digital publication – a hybrid magazine that aims to advance knowledge about, and provide peer-to-peer support for, scientific and adventure-led expeditions. It has been created with a view to learning through support, shared experiences, and the passing on of knowledge.

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Our editors are happy to receive articles throughout the year and operate review and editorial decisions on a rolling basis.

Two article types:
• magazine articles ranging between 300-800 words, according to the maximum limit specified per section
• peer-reviewed academic articles a maximum of 1,500 words

All articles submitted using our online submission form must comply with the Exploration Revealed’s Author's Style Guide, which includes research and publication ethics. If you’d like to contact the editorial team (volunteers), please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email us.

We invite articles for the following sections (for further information, download our Section Guide):
• Climate sensitive expeditioning (max 800 words)
• Country profile (max 800 words)
• Epic fails (max 300 words)
• Ethical dilemmas (max 800 words)
• Expedition impact (max 800 words)
• Expedition logistics (max 800 words)
• Expedition revealed (max 800 words)
• Extreme expeditioning (max 800 words)
• In-country connections (max 300 words)
• Innovation in the field (max 800 words)
• Lessons from the grave (max 300 words)
• Mind matters; bodily functions in the field (max 800 words)
• Tales from the field (max 800 words)
• The making of the documentary (max 300 words + link for trailer/film webpage)
• Top kit tips (max 300 words)
• Unwanted expedition souvenirs (max 300 words)
• Young scientific explorers page (could be pictures with a caption, if article max 500 words)
• Other we're open to section heading ideas

Exploration Revealed is experimental and has long-term ambitions for innovative digital growth. We are currently seeking our inaurgral editorial team. We plan to invite a guest editor for each issue but seek to recruit a volunteer editorial team for the years 2021-22.

We currently have vacancies for:
• Layout editor
• Copy editor
• Section editor magazine articles
• Section editor academic articles
• Section editor young scientific explorers (must be over 16 years old)
• Images editor
• Peer review panel coordinator
• Social media coordinator

If you are interested in one or more of the above positions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to submit your maximum 2-page CV with a maximum 250-word cover statement about your experience and passion for each of the roles you are interested in. If interested in more than one role, please indicate the order of preference in your cover statement. Applications will be assessed until suitable candidates have been appointed, so we encourage interested candidates to apply as early as possible.

Editorial team volunteers, on publication of the second issue they are involved in, will receive complimentary SES membership for a year. The Society reserves the right to review rewards and benefits to the editorial team.

Exploration Revealed uses double-blind peer review.

Peer Review Panel members:
• Dr Emma Barrett OBE FRGS, Professor of Psychology, Security and Trust at Manchester University.
• Dr Richard Byrne, Rural Security Research Group, Harper Adams University.

• Dr Susan Canney, Department of Zoology, Oxford University.

• Professor Mark Mulligan, Department of Geography, King’s College London.
• Dr Ross Piper FRES.
• Professor Andrew Shortland, Professor of Archaeological Science and Director of Cranfield Forensic Institute.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We welcome expressions of interest in joining our panel from a wide variety of disciplines. Our peer review panel is appointed to:
• Assure the SES board the content is robust
• Assure those submitting articles that it is of appropriate calibre and provide a steer on how to communicate to SES membership and friends.

We anticipate requesting named peer reviewers review 1-3 1,500 word articles a year. Named peer reviewers can delegate article review to a suitable researcher known to them who then would be eligible to join the peer review panel. They will be held accountable for the timely turnaround of that review.

Submitted academic articles will be screened and plagiarism checked with i-authenticate prior to assignment to our peer reviewers.

Peer review panel members, on receipt of their first review of the year for Exploration Revealed will receive complimentary SES membership for that year. The Society reserves the right to review rewards and benefits to peer review panel members.

Edward Cooper Haig Thomas Expedition WEBSITE
Edward Cooper Haig Thomas Expedition WEBSITE

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Rosie is a British explorer and polar adventurer who, since 1996, has embarked on major polar expeditions of increasing severity and commitment. Rosie is also a SES Honorary Advisory Board member.

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Mark cycled into Paris having circumnavigated the globe. He completed the epic Artemis World Cycle in 78 days, 14 hours and 40 minutes, breaking the world record by a staggering 44 days. It was through his vision, ambition, physical and psychological endurance abilities and the clockwork precision of his logistical planning, that he was able to complete this outstanding achievement. It is for the sheer enormity of the challenge, for making the impossible ‘possible’ and for the style and determination shown by him and his support team that SES was delighted to present Mark with 2018 SES Lifetime Achievement. Mark is also a SES Honorary Advisory Board member.

Photo by Johnny Swane Poel - Mark Beaumont - Day 79 - Arc de Triomphe - Victory



Emily is an architect turned ocean advocate and skipper. After rounding the globe on a record-breaking bio-fuelled boat, she spent eight years at sea, exploring and discovering oceanic gyres – huge areas of plastic accumulation. Emily co-founded Pangaea Explorations, an organisation dedicated to marine education, conservation and exploration via a 72ft sailing vessel. Emily’s commitment to understand and inspire local and large-scale community involvement in tackling the issue of ocean plastic pollution is tireless, and it is for that reason that she was selected to receive the prestigious SES Pioneer with Purpose.

Photo by Emmanuel Lubezki - Emily Penn at sea


Dual-national Vanessa became the first British-American woman to successfully conquer K2, the world’s second highest mountain, after a gruelling 16 hour summit push where she encountered deep snow, howling winds and temperatures down to -40 degrees centigrade. This was Vanessa’s third consecutive year attempting K2, and her team’s dedication and persistence paid-off as they became the only team to summit in 2017, following two years of no summits on K2. At the summit, Vanessa proudly displayed British, American and Pakistani flags – representing her homes and her host country – as well as that of UN Women. In recognition of her outstanding grit, determination and ultimately successful expedition, SES was thrilled to select her as 2018 SES Explorer of the Year.