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Planes, Rains and Crocodiles

36hrs of continuous travel and we made it what an epic journey! One down at the outset, Sue Hilliard arrested in her progress by the torrential rains battering the UK, a team of 9 departed London Heathrow.

Arriving 17 hours later in Kota Kinabalu this is where the real fun started - 'your plane is cancelled' came the cry across the tanoy. A flurry of 3-way conversation ensued between our host, Benoit, the airline, Adrian and myself. The outcome, a decision to fly to Tawau, where we would spend the night before completing the journey to Danau Girang Field Centre. Tickets issued. 10mins later all change! A revised plan to fly to Sandakan where we would be transferred direct to DGFC. Tickets reissued. 3.5hrs later we departed mid a torrent of rain and to a cacophony of thunder claps.

Upon arrival we were swiftly escorted to the waiting vehicles and south to the river Kinabantangan. Coming to an abrupt stop we boarded a series of boats in the, by now, pitch black of the night. Swept along by the steady flow of the river, torches guided us through the flotsam and jetsam, keeping a beady eye out for the crocodiles. The team were duly rewarded. A mammoth 5 metre crocodile was captured in the eager beams, bringing into sharp contrast the stark reality of our new surroundings.

50mins later we arrived to a warm welcome at DGFC. A fully equipped field centre, complete with bedding and towels? Did you say this is an expedition! Will not be for long mind in less than 48hrs we will be roughing it in the bush!

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