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Sitrep No 4

The expedition members are all now at the Kassikaityu Base Camp. The survey of the foot trail between the Kuruwini River Landing and the Kassikaityu River Landing has been completed.

They will continue work on the design of bridges. They will also be checking on the trail between Crab Falls on the Kassikaityu River and Gunn's strip.

They will depart Kassikaityu Base Camp on 18 October and expect to be at Masekenyari Village late on 19 October.

All's well. One minor incident-one member of the expedition attempted to catch an Anaconda and received a bite - nothing serious according to John (A case of: "once bitten ... twice shy!").
Kassikaityu Base Camp is very well constructed by the Wai Wai and the expedition members and their Wai Wai colleagues are comfortable and in good spirits.

End of SITREP.

Blog by John Blashford-Snell 

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