Angus Wingfield speaker at SES@GauchoCity in February

27th Feb 2018

The SES is delighted to announce that Angus Wingfield will be the SES@GauchoCity speaker in February 2018 and will give a talk about Life and Death in KwaZulu Natal on Tuesday 27 February 2018 at the Gaucho (City), London. These events are kindly hosted by Gaucho City and supported by Cadogan Tate, for which the SES is extremely grateful.

Angus is the founder and director of Africa Wild Trails and has been planning and delivering expeditionary trips to the continent for many years. He has an extensive knowledge on anti-poaching, wildlife, conservation and bushcraft. Angus has worked with the military, young people's organisations (including the disadvantaged), adult groups, universities and international groups as an expedition leader.

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The province of KawaZulu Natal on the eastern seaboard of South Africa is one of the most diverse and stunning locations in the world. Wildlife conservation and the conservation of wild places has never been more important than it is right now as the pressures on nature increase daily. Whilst the focus is on threatened and endangered species, it is also important to gain knowledge from local sources on animal species that may become threatened to enable good conservation practices to be put in place before the situation becomes much more difficult. Studying wildlife in this remote biosphere of South Africa during Angus’ expeditions is key to providing important information for anti-poaching, conservation and the wider scientific community.


Gaucho (City), I Bell Inn Yard, London EC3V OBL


Drinks from 6pm, Talk at 7pm, Drinks/Dinner at 7.45pm on Tuesday 27 February 2018


Entry is FREE! However, we need to keep an eye on the number of people attending to avoid exceeding capacity, so please obtain your ticket from EVENTBRITE.


Gaucho have kindly offered special SES rates for those booking in advance to stay for supper after the talk! Book in up to one week before the event using the supper ticket option on EVENTBRITE to enjoy either the SES set menu - 3 courses for £30 or 25% discount from the A La Carte menu.

To find out more about Angus, please visit Africa Wild Trails.

The SES is extremely grateful to TexEnergy who have kindly donated a gift to the SES@GauchoCity speakers.

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