NEWS  14th Sep 2017

SES Cadogan Tate Explorer 2017 - Chris Poonian

SES Cadogan Tate Explorer 2017 CHRISTOPHER POONIAN, has just returned from an expedition to South Sinai where he was studying traditional Bedouin coral reef fisheries. During the expedition, Chris was able to collect ecological data on fish, clam and coral populations at eight fishing sites using snorkelling and scuba diving, including some remote areas only known to the Bedu.

Chris Poonian

Chris spent a lot of time camping on remote beaches and participating in Bedouin fishing activities, including night spearfishing and giant clam collection, in order to learn about their traditional methods and knowledge. One of the highlights of the expedition was witnessing an aggregation of longnose parrotfish (Hipposcarus harid), that a local team of fishers had been expecting for almost a month. Around 150kg of fish were landed in a few frenetic hours, using nets from the shore.

The information gathered during this expedition will be used to inform national management policy in the area and better protect the local coral reefs, which are essential for both local livelihoods and international tourism.

Story by Henrietta Thorpe 

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