NEWS  6th Jul 2017

City Magazine - The Adventure Issue

In The Adventure Issue of the City Magazine, Honorary President and Founder of the Scientific Exploration Society (SES), Colonel John Blashford-Snell, talks about the reason why he and his colleagues set up the SES nearly 50 years ago. To read the feature in full, please CLICK HERE and go to Page 63.

City Mag - JBS & SES feature

Story by Henrietta Thorpe 

Latest News

The Wai Wai village
SES Representative in Guyana - Major General Joseph Singh

Major General Joseph Singh delighted to share news in respect of developments in Guyana
Chris Poonian
SES Cadogan Tate Explorer 2017 - expedition news

Chris Poonian is working his way along the coast of the Sinai Peninsula
JBS Kenya Expedition 0918 1 (large)
Kenya Quest Expedition - January 2018

John Blashford-Snell is recruiting doctors, dentists, nurses, biologists, builders...and those who love Africa to join the team.
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