NEWS  5th Jun 2017

The SES Explorer Awards 2018

The SES Explorer Awards 2018 will be announced and launched in the Autumn of 2017. They will include the Awards listed below, but do check back regularly as more will be added as they are confirmed.

THE SES GOUGH EXPLORER AWARD - the sum of £4,000 to support an individual leading an expedition, the main or partial focus of which is to carry out either medical aid or associated research within communities in developing regions of the world.

THE SES RIVERS FOUNDATION AWARD FOR HEALTH & HUMANITIES - the sum of £5,000 to support projects benefiting communities in deprived and under-developed regions of the world, or where the expedition will assist in cultural development or practices within those communities.

THE SES SIR CHARLES BLOIS EXPLORER AWARD - the sum of £5,000 to support a 'Pioneer with Purpose' undertaking an adventurous expedition with strong physical requirements in a challenging environment which aims to produce new science, physical or anthropological insight into little known peoples. Also of great interest will be a scientific expedition or journey, which re-traces the journey of a famous explorer or scientific pioneer - somebody who endeavours to go ‘one step further’ on their exploration of scientific research, remoteness or innovative recreation of a past journey or discovery.

THE SES INSPIRATIONAL EXPLORER AWARD - a collective Award (amount to be confirmed) awarded to the person selected to be the most inspirational of ‘Pioneers with Purpose’, whose expedition has that special ‘something’ be it in terms of the nature of research, the legacy it offers, or any other aspects of the expedition.

THE SES ELODIE SANDFORD EXPLORER AWARD - a collective Award (amount to be confirmed) awarded to a person who partakes in an adventurous, innovative project who can demonstrate how the use of photography will focus attention on the needs of indigenous people living in a remote area and/or the plight of fauna and flora.

If you are planning an expedition in 2018 and are interested in finding out more about the SES Explorer Awards, why not contact us to tell us:

- Why you are choosing this expedition
- What you personally hope to gain from leading the expedition in terms of your personal development and career aspirations - your credentials to be a ‘Pioneer with Purpose’ and supporter appeal
- Why the expedition is innovative and adventurous
- A very brief summary of the aims, objectives and legacy of the research
- The team, collaborators and your leadership credentials to date
- Your output and communication plan - both in the scientific and wider interest fields

Story by Henrietta Thorpe 

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