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Colombia Amazonas Expedition 2017

On an island in the Amazon, Simon House met an Indian who had captured a 2m anaconda. Simon persuaded the man to release it into the wild. After a day in Leticia and a farewell dinner with Juan and Leonor Munoz of Medical Mission International (MMI) the team are now in Bogota. MMI have been most helpful to the project. They work worldwide and give much aid in the Amazonas. Carried out under challenging conditions, the expedition had successfully completed its tasks.

Colombia Amazonas 2
All agreed it was a real team effort and a unique experience. The Ticuna expressed their sincere thanks to the Clinque La Prairie of Montreux for funding the ambulance boat. We are also grateful to experienced guide Sergio Leon and Ecodestinos for their support. The help of the Scientific Exploration Society and Zenith watches was very much appreciated. Newport Uskmouth Rotary Club and friends and family of Morten Risberg and Lynette Dodds also gave valuable assistance.

Comments by Expedition members included:

“So grateful to join this dynamic team of people in the Amazon.” - Cathy Lawrence, Comedian (Canada)

“This expedition showed that, with good leadership, a very disparate group of people of various ages and ethnicities can come together to work as a team, helping each other as needed and remaining cheerful and committed under often difficult and tiring conditions.” - John Mackenzie-Grieve, Retired (UK)

“Everlasting memories of our Ticuna friends. Never have I had the privilege to learn so much from so few.” - Maya Boyd, Journalist (UK)

“An excellent opportunity to work in a wholly new and challenging environment for the benefit of indigenous people. The expedition has been hugely successful largely due to the exceptional group dynamics and hard work by all the team.” - Anna Stewart, Novelist (Mallorca)

“Will be thinking of the Ticuna for a long time to come. A privileged experience with SES people and one of the last great explorers.” - Dr. Adriaan Van der Wart, Doctor (Canada)

“It was a privilege to be part of such an amazing expedition in such a special place and share the experience with some amazing people! My medical responsibilities challenged my perception and abilities, but this was a welcome change to my usual four walls!” - Yasmin Jauhari, Surgeon (UK)

“The expedition was a real team eye opener...the jungle is a difficult environment for novice explorers in the wet season, but the challenge was worth it.” - John Arathoon, Builder (UK)

“A fantastic trip with wonderful people - an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.” - Jackie Ansic, Dentist (UK)

“Didn't know what to expect and was not disappointed. 10/10. Would do it again.” - Lt. Morten Risberg, Norwegian Army

“The results have surpassed expectation. Not only that, I discovered much about the cultural and traditional aspects of Ticuna life and due to skillful selection of the individuals that participated, I also had a fantastic time.” - Peter Manns, Businessman (UK)

“Another great adventure in great company. Definitely going in the dry season next time. Great team! JBS has a great balance that allows flexibility and adventure.” - Simon House, Agriculture Advisor (UK)

“If you want to challenge yourself and experience living conditions that none of your friends will ever dare to experience, then go to Colombian Amazonas in the rainy season. The humidity, biting insects, "bathroom" experience are extremely challenging and I will be boring my friends senseless with the stories of how we got through it, tanned, smiling and a bit spotty!” - Prof. Alistair Driver, Exeter University (UK)

“The Expedition gave real valuable help to some of the more remote people of my country. The support of the sponsors, the Scientific Exploration Society and MMI was greatly appreciated; as was the professional leadership of this fine international team who worked so hard in the testing Amazon climate.” - Econ. Yolima Cipagauta R, Economist (Colombia)

Story by Henrietta Thorpe 

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