NEWS  9th May 2017

Leatherman generously donate EIGHT Leatherman SideKicks

Leatherman Sidekick (fanned)
The SES is extremely grateful to Leatherman for their generous donation of EIGHT Leatherman Sidekick multi-tools for the winners of this year's SES Explorer Awards. This tool was specially chosen as it is quite light weight for when the explorers embark on future expeditions and it also has a carabiner clip so it can hook onto backpacks.

Since pretty much day one Leatherman has been supporting explorers by providing kit to the likes of Sir David Hempleman-Adams, Ben Saunders and Leo Houlding to name a few. Leathermans are tools for real life and they hope that the gift they have given, assists the winners of the SES Explorer Awards on their adventures in the years to come. They'd also like to congratulate them on the bravery and commitment they have all shown to receive these awards, and wish them luck on their upcoming trips. The winners will be presented with their multi-tools during the SES Explorer Awards ceremony at the Royal College of Surgeons on Thursday 11th May and the SES would like to thank Leatherman for its generosity and support.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to take a look at the SideKick in more detail.


Story by Henrietta Thorpe 

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