NEWS  9th Mar 2017

Championing the Aims and Objectives of an Expedition

The SES has wanted to develop a means of giving ‘non-financial support’ to those leading expeditions which meet the SES objectives and is delighted to announce the launch of a new activity which does just that - Championing the Aims and Objectives of an Expedition (“Championed Expeditions”).

The plan is to champion the aims and objectives of up to 5 expeditions each year. Applicants will need to complete an Application Form which will be reviewed by the relevant SES Committee. If selected to be a Championed Expedition, a Memorandum of Understanding will need to be signed by both parties.

Once all the paperwork is complete, the SES shall:

  • Provide the individual with a SES flag and / or other merchandise.
  • Post a sensible amount of news, photographs and film about the individual and their work on its internal and external communications.
  • Invite the individual to SES events and talks, including requests for speaking opportunities at SES gatherings.
  • Refer to the individual as a ‘SES Ambassador’.
  • Provide the individual with a year’s FREE SES Membership.

And the SES Ambassador shall:

  • Take the SES flag and / or other merchandise on the Championed Expedition and provide photographs, news and film clips (with the SES flag included) when possible from the field and on return.
  • Give mention to the SES and acknowledge the SES wherever possible.
  • Attend SES events and talks when possible.
  • Use the title ‘SES Ambassador’ when possible.

    If you are leading an expedition which you think meets the SES objectives and would like to apply to be a Championed Expedition and be linked to one of the oldest exploration organisations in the world, please contact Henrietta Thorpe ( who will be happy to hear about your expedition and provide you with an Application Form to complete.

Story by Henrietta Thorpe 

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