NEWS  20th Apr 2017

Colombia Amazonas Expedition 2017

John Blashford-Snell's Colombia Amazonas Expedition 2017 will involve a community aid and wildlife conservation work at the Southern tip of Colombia, where the bustling river port of Leticia lies on the Northern bank of the great Amazon River at the junction of Brazil and Peru. No vehicle roads link the rest of the country with this frontier town of some 40,000 people and all access is by air or river. To the North and East of Leticia stretches dense Jungle and Amerindian villages.


During a recce, ways in which an expedition might help the people were discussed with Senor Roosvelt Torres (President of the Ticoya, the Association of Indian Communities). He liked the general idea of providing dental treatment, reading glasses and school books as well as giving advice on water filtration and solar power. Wildlife studies would also be welcome. The most pressing need was for a fibre glass Ambulance Boat to carry urgent cases to the hospitals in Puerto Narino and Leticia. We plan to donate a small craft, around 23 feet in length, to carry 4-5 people and powered by a 40 HP outboard. They would also appreciate T shirts for their 300 volunteer wildlife guards and a trained mechanic to advise on the repair of various items of equipment in the villages.

It is planned that the Team will visit the area to catalogue the wildlife and give aid to the indigenous people. The Team includes a doctor, a dentist and zoologists as well as people interested in community aid work. The temperature averages 28 degrees celsius year round but the 90 percent humidity can soon have one sweating. At the height of the wet season, the Amazon can rise 40 feet, flooding many of the villages. So, the likely time for the expedition will be in the period 10-30 May, when the river levels should permit navigation.

JBS Colombia Expedition - Pink Dolphin

This Expedition is now full but if you are still interested in finding out more, or are keen to put your name on the waiting list, please contact John Blashford-Snell by email at

Story by Henrietta Thorpe 

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