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NEWS: 23rd Nov 2017
Skylark Rocket project exhibition at the Science Museum

SES Member Roger Cooper got in touch recently to let us know about the Skylark Rocket exhibition at the SCIENCE MUSEUM.

"The SES, by definition comprises of many individuals who have a passion for adventure and ‘Exploration’. None more so than I who joined the SES in 1971 during the time that the Nile expedition, the Trans-America Expedition and others were taking place. Yes, the formative years….

At the time I was also engaged in ‘Exploration’ - but of a different kind - professionally, searching the heavens for distance stars by measuring the emitted X-Ray radiation using instruments carried aloft by the Skylark Rocket.

During the period between 1961 and 1978 the University of Leicester Space Research Group was active in launching scientific experiments on Britain’s Skylark Rocket. These were launched from Woomera in Australia, Sardinia, Norway and Spain. With over 50 scientific payloads flown during this period Leicester has become a world class Astrophysics authority in galactic and extra galactic X-Ray Astronomy.

Hence ‘Exploration’ was and has been part of my professional and non-professional career, the latter in adventures that I have had the privilege and rewards of organising, leading and participating, many of which with the SES.

In relation to the ‘professional’ aspect during which I spent 15 years engaged in extragalactic exploration, the success of Skylark is currently being celebrated at the Science Museum, where an exhibition covering the 60-year anniversary of Skylark is being staged.

For those with similar interests of our planet and the measures we have taken to explore distant galaxies, the Skylark project is well worth a visit."

Roger D Cooper M.Phil. FRGS, MRIN

Story by Henrietta Thorpe 

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