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NEWS: 26th Sep 2017
Martin Holland's final expedition recce

Martin Holland, SES's Inspirational Explorer Award 2017 winner, will undertake the final recce for the Sanduki Pinnacle Expedition in October. Martin will be undertaking a 3-4 week solo expedition by mountain bike to access the area, before exploring the rainforest on foot to find a suitable base camp location.

Martin will travel north from Palangkaraya, filming the much disturbed landscape and interviewing local people on issues such as the annual forest fires, land rights, and the future of Dayak culture. The most remote village in the area is Tumbang Miri, where Martin will be agreeing the practicalities of the expedition proper with the people who will ultimately become the expedition staff. From here, Martin will continue by mountain bike, using old logging roads to get close to the pinnacle, establishing camps for a night or two in order to explore the terrain around the pinnacle on foot.

Martin Holland and Tree

The main objectives of this recce are:

-To establish the locations of the main camp plus possible sub camps.
-Establish close relations with the people of Tumbang Miri and understand the logistical issues and opportunities that will face the expedition.
-Produce some stunning visual media of the pinnacle and the surrounding area with the help of a small drone, with a view to producing a short film which will promote the main expedition.

The drone is a DJI Mavic Pro, which is a new addition to Martin's growing drone fleet! On his return, Martin plans to use Kickstarter to raise funds equivalent to the value of the drones (c. £5,000) - the funds raised will go towards the Sanduki Pinnacle Expedition, and the drones will be made available to expedition teams in the form of grants. A neat solution to raising money and making the most of expedition equipment. The kickstarter campaign will be launched at the RGS Explore weekend in mid-November.

A fairly serious expedition in its own right, this recce will be called the Broken Roads of Borneo Expedition, with thanks to Alpkit who have sponsored the expedition bike, Hennessy Hammock for an ultralight hammock, the Halpin Trust and Christopher Foyle for funding, and of course the Scientific Exploration Society for ongoing support.

Story by Henrietta Thorpe 

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